Customers expect a consistent experience across channels. On a single screen, GOCare™ Connect combines all the information your support team needs to deliver excellent customer care.

How Does GOCare Connect Help?

  • Centralizes all customer communications — voice, social media, chat, email, text — on a single screen.
  • Provides agents a comprehensive customer history at a glance.
  • Seamlessly integrates disparate systems via APIs. This is particularly valuable in consolidating industries where CSRs need to learn new systems to serve newly acquired customers.
  • Defaults customer inquiries to the same agent handling prior inquiries for consistency whenever possible.
  • Enhances team collaboration and agent training, with faster resolution, fewer hand-offs, and a better customer experience.
Young woman working in a call centre, looking to camera

GOCare™ Connect minimizes task-switching and swivel chair interactions

GOCare™ Connect consolidates all customer communications into one easy to use platform

GOCare Connect provides a better experience for your customers

  • Customer interactions with your company are informed by previous interactions, regardless of channel, function, or line of business.
  • Simplified account history allows CSR to be better tuned to each customer’s need.
  • Customers can choose ANY channel they want to communicate.
  • Agents are more equipped to resolve customer issues quickly.

GOCare™ Connect Features

  • Unified Messaging - interact with your customers via the channel of their choice
  • Full conversation history - complete transcript of all customer interactions, regardless of channel
  • Team Collaboration - solve issues faster by getting the right team involved in the conversation
  • Subscriber Details - every customer detail at your fingertips, fully integrated with GOCare™ AND your billing system
  • Insight - complete history of past interactions, including system events and GOCare™ Insight notifications
  • Analytics - a full analytics suite, providing call center and agent performance metrics, NPS and CSAT survey results, and much more...

GOCare™ Connect seamlessly integrates with any API-enabled system, providing customer service agents immediate access to the information they need to solve customer issues in an efficient and timely manner.