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GOCare provides cloud-based customer care solutions that enable your customers to more easily communicate with you, their service provider. With GOCare, you can better serve your customer's needs by automating routine service inquiries and providing intelligent self-service options, all helping you to resolve customer issues on first contact.

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Reduce your inbound call volume by 50%

With GOCare, customers enjoy self-help functions that allow high-volume, low-value calls to be re-directed. Without replacing your IVR, you can use GOCare to provide customers an option to waiting on hold while achieving a 30 to 50% reduction in calls!

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An intelligent subscriber management platform comprised of five components, with Connect at its core.

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Easily integrates with your billing systems and enables secure, convenient, self-service payment methods. Customers pay faster with GOCare Payments.

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(Advanced Call Router) brings a new level of proactive intelligence to your contact center, anticipating reasons for customer inquiries and intelligently routing the call to the right agent, providing familiarity and consistency of service.

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Enables your customers to communicate with you through their channel of choice: SMS, Web Chat, Social Media, phone or email. It then consolidates and presents all communications and service history on a single agent interface, so all key information is available to resolve a customer issue.

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Reach enables freeform messaging to your customers, covering anything from proactive outage or maintenance notifications to marketing campaigns and offers.

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Provides real-time CCAT, NPS and CES insight and analytics on call-center performance, as a whole, at a group or even at an individual level.

"GOCare has delivered unmatched operational gains through the reduction in call volume, truck rolls, and collections costs"

- Rick Oldenburg, System Manager, Anne Arundel Broadband

"In addition to the proactive notifications our subscribers receive, GOCare enables mobile subscriber inquiries on billing, payments, appointments, WiFi hotspots and more."

- Tom Williams, VP-Engineering and Technology, Schurz Communications

"We have made substantial use of GOCare’s capabilities...the flexibility to customize GOCare to our needs has been the real differentiator."

- Larry Eby, Vexus Fiber

Now, you can consolidate all call center systems and communication channels into a single, easy-to-use platform

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